Hi, I'm NizamUdDeen!​

SEO Consultant & Content Strategist

As an SEO Observer & digital marketing consultant I help medium and large businesses succeed in digital marketing.

Get your competitive keywords ranked, which will improve organic traffic, which converts targeted leads, measure your ROI with smart analytics and explore exciting avenues for your business.

How I can help your business?

Digital Strategy

Based on your business goals, I can set your Digital Marketing Strategy.

I can help you identify your main success metrics and set up processes to ensure that you have a strong base for achieving your business goals.

The process will be:-

  1. Research (Keywords, Niche, Competitor Analysis)
  2. Figuring key success metrics. (KPI)
  3. Create marketing strategy designs.
  4. SOP (Standard procedures)

Traffic Generation

I’ll recommend the best way to turn visitors to paying customers. By understanding analytics data, we can build a better digital visitor journey.

  1. Conversion optimizing 
  2. Running A / B and URL split checks for winning combinations.
  3. Build a customer retention strategy
  4. Help develop, analyze, and understand advanced analytics data
  5. Help powerfully transform landing page wireframes.

Conversion and Analytics

Based on the marketing strategy, I will help you find the best sales channels.

  1. Help identify the right and most profitable marketing platforms, SEO, Google Advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube ads.
  2. Create your investment return campaigns using different channels and techniques.
  3. Refine campaigns with sophisticated strategies and tools.
  4. Review your current plan and initiatives to help identify traffic.

Online reputation management

Digital online presence should be part of each company’s overall marketing strategy because a lousy reputation will damage your company in many ways.

  1. Audit the credibility brand.
  2. Build a reputation restoration strategy with a comprehensive plan to restore and rebuild a lousy reputation.
  3. Learn how to track negative branding and develop a constructive approach.
  4. Demonstrate unique, imaginative ways to create the right image.


Few of the companies I have helped in the past

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