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Experience a paradigm shift in the SEO market with my transparent pricing model and matched SEO services. Gain a precise understanding of your investment, enabling you to make well-informed decisions that lead to substantial ROI.”

The Strategy Sprints

Review of GA and GSC, Content Audit, KW Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Website Quality Audit and SEO Roadmap.

Making sure that your website is meticulously structured and constructed to achieve optimal performance on search engines.

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Less than

100 Pages
$ 150 One Time


100 - 500 Pages
$ 350 One time


500 - 1000 Pages
$ 1000 one time

Strategy Sprints Roadmap

Reviews of Google Analytics + Google Search Console

I will thoroughly examine your website's data, conducting a deep scrub to uncover and address any technical errors. Additionally, I will ensure that your tracking is set up correctly, enabling accurate reporting on campaign results.

Competitor Analysis

I will take a close look at your competition and industry to understand what's working for them in search engines. By decoding their strategies, I can help you rise to the top of search results, giving your business the spotlight it deserves.

Keyword Analysis

I will conduct in-depth research to identify high-performing keywords, aligning your content strategy for optimal search engine rankings. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging my strategic insights, continuous refinement, and performance-driven keyword optimization.

Website Quality Audit

Leveraging my proprietary audit, I will pinpoint technical roadblocks, eliminate low-quality content, and optimize under-performing pages. Experience a comprehensive analysis that transforms your website into a high-quality, high-ranking powerhouse.

Content Audit

I'll meticulously assess and optimize your content, ensuring it aligns with target keywords, relevance, and mobile standards. Experience continuous improvement through regular updates, consolidation, and insightful performance monitoring.

SEO Roadmap

I compile all my insights and findings into a clear, easy-to-follow plan designed to maximize your organic growth. This roadmap provides a straightforward path for your digital success, ensuring that every step is concise and tailored to fuel your online presence.

The Content Sprints

Content Strategy, Topic Research, Topic Ideation, Content Outline, Content Creation, Content Promotion

From meticulous content strategy and topic research to innovative ideation, precise content outlining, and seamless creation, I ensure every step contributes to your brand’s narrative.

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10 Pages
$ 200 Per Page


20 Pages
$ 180 Per Page


30 Pages
$ 160 Per Page

Content Sprints Roadmap

Content Strategy

I tailor a comprehensive content strategy to align with your business goals, leveraging keyword research, audience insights, and industry trends. I optimize content structure, ensuring search engine visibility and user engagement, while focusing on relevance and authority for sustained online success.

Topic Research

I conduct meticulous topic research to uncover trending subjects, industry keywords, and user interests. Through in-depth analysis, I identify content gaps and opportunities, ensuring your topics resonate with your target audience and stand out in search results.

Topic Ideation

I drive topic ideation with creativity and strategic intent, brainstorming engaging and relevant ideas that align with your brand. By blending innovation with market insights, I ensure your content ideas resonate with your audience, fostering connection and delivering value.

Content Outline

I meticulously craft a content outline that serves as the roadmap for compelling narratives. This structured framework ensures a seamless flow of information, optimizing for both user experience and search engine visibility. The content outline sets the stage for impactful and organized storytelling.

Content Creation

I bring your content strategy to life through meticulous content creation. From captivating headlines to engaging body text, I infuse creativity and expertise into each piece. The result is a cohesive and compelling narrative that not only resonates with your audience but also meets the criteria for search engine optimization.

Content Promotion

I strategically amplify your content's reach through targeted content promotion. Leveraging diverse channels and outreach techniques, I ensure your valuable content reaches the right audience. From social media campaigns to outreach initiatives, the goal is to maximize visibility, engagement, and the overall impact of your brand message.

The Link Acquisition Sprints

Link profile analysis, Link prospecting, Link outreach, Link acquisition.

Boost Your Online Presence by Finding Valuable Links, Reaching Out Smartly, and Securing Connections for Ultimate Success!

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Guest Posting


Order 10 Links
$ 300 Per Link

PR Backlinks


Order 10 Links
$ 450 Per Link

Business Directory


Order 50 Links
$ 15 Per Link

Link Sprint Roadmap

Link Profile Analysis

I will review your links for a clean slate, ensuring no penalties or bad links. Plus, I will analyze competitors to reveal strategies for building a robust link profile. With a focus on quality and relevance, I'll help enhance your website's overall SEO performance.

Link Prospecting

I will extensively search the web, identifying relevant and authoritative websites. These prime opportunities are perfect for strategic outreach and link inclusion. Additionally, I'll ensure that the acquired links align seamlessly with your content, maximizing their impact on your overall online presence.

Link Outreach

My team takes a hands-on approach, reaching out to each site with a compelling value proposition for including a link to your site. From writing to outreach and follow-ups, it's all covered. We prioritize building genuine relationships to secure high-quality backlinks that elevate your website's credibility and authority in your niche.

Link Acquisition

Every link is meticulously tracked in your private client sheet. With a transparent $300 per link fee, you only pay for the live links, ensuring a straightforward and cost-effective link acquisition process. Our commitment is to provide measurable results, allowing you to see the tangible impact of your investment in building a strong and reputable online presence.