Tool Recommendation policy

I will only recommend tools and services to my site visitors and friends that I personally use and enjoy. I will also make alternative recommendations when necessary. I’m not biased towards any tools I retain the freedom to express my opinions, both positive and negative. Please make sure to test the tools yourself before you buy a subscription and I’m not responsible for any loss or damages due to your decisions. It’s on you!

Link policy

I do not sell links from my website under any circumstances, and please do not insult me by offering to pay for links. As for the Guest posting, I try to keep a particular standard with my blog posts, so I don’t allow any guest posting on this blog. Especially when your goal is purely for getting links, but, if you have some kick-ass post idea and something original and remarkable, please feel free to pitch me.

Sponsored promotions policy

I do not offer any form of paid or sponsored posts/social shouts of any type. Thanks.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact