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Google Adsense Approval SOP by Nizam

Getting your Google AdSense approval for your blog doesn’t require rocket science, but it does demand a basic understanding of the necessary requirements that your blog needs to meet.

My name is NizamUdDeen, and I am SEO Observer & Blogger. I am going to share my experience on How to Approve Google Adsense on your blog.

This guide for “Google Adsense Approval Course” is absolutely free and 100% working if you implement all these instructions that I am going to share with you right now.

Hundreds of students and bloggers are getting benefits after getting successfully approved the Adsense with the help of this guide.

Don’t get bore.

Let’s jump to the topic.

Google Adsense Approval SOP by Nizam

You need to remember this SOP to approve your blog’s Adsense account or even you can offer this service to your client as well. (I am not offering 🙂 by the way).

This SOP will give you results within 24 hours after applying, but in some case it may take time to get approved by Google Adsense due to your website complex structure.

So let’s dive in!

Top 10 points to consider before applying Google Adsense!

Google Adsense Approval Course Infography

Download this Infography in PDF

Disclaimer: If you ignore any single point from this list, your Adsense may not be approved.

None of these points are worthless.

Keep focus on them and magic will happened soon.

Follow each points as described:

  • Main Menu (updated)
  • Use Simple Theme
  • Empty Pages/Posts Removal
  • About Us Page Creation
  • Contact Us Page Creation
  • DMCA & Disclaimer Page Creation
  • Privacy Policy Page Creation
  • Use unique Content & Images
  • Avoid Adult and Copyright Content
  • 6 Month Domain Age
  • Avoid Adsense Alternatives

Now I will explain each point in detail so you can understand better and apply them on your blog accordingly.

(Updated New Point)

Main Menu

You should use “Home page” link into your main menu named “Home“.

Important: Don’t even change the text of home page button until your Adsense get approved.

You main menu should be clean, it means that “Home, About, Contact” these three buttons are necessary to add. All important categories which has at least 10 to 20 articles in each should be added into main menu.

Note:- Don’t use sub menu, either above the main menu or under the main menu.

Don’t use drop down or Mega menu while applying for Adsense.

Use Simple Theme

When you create a blog, you need a theme to show the blogs articles and the structure and design of your blog based on this theme.

Your theme should be “User Friendly”, easy to use and understand by user to navigate to all around the blog easily.

Theme should be “Light Weight” in term of Page Load Speed, don’t use popups like social share button and lead magnet box or email subscriber.

Don’t use fancy stuff into sidebar or footer area. (if you are using table of content plugin, disable it from showing on pages)

Don’t include more then one widget into sidebar and try to remove widgets from footer if you have any.

Empty Pages/Posts Removal

At the time of creating any blog, there may be some empty pages or posts/categories left by developer (It may be you).

You need to check each page or post to verify if it is empty and you don’t want it anymore, you have to remove it. If you have created any pages/posts and they are empty for later use, you have to make them draft.

Note:- Post tags can cause Adsence rejection, so remove them if you have any.

Because blank pages/post drains authority and trust of your blogs and also show unfinished your blog.


  • Remove empty pages
  • Remove empty Posts
  • Remove empty Categories
  • Remove tags
  • Draft empty page if important for later use
  • Draft empty post if you plan to publish later

About Us Page Creation

Most important page in your blog is about us page, through which Google identify that your blog is based on real person which has some kind of history, about blogger bio and aim to publish the blog.

About page need to have almost 300 words copyright content.

About us page should explain:

  • About blogger
  • Little history (if any)
  • Your aim/goal (if any)
  • About your knowledge in targeted niche
  • About social media presence (through adding links)
  • About categories your are going to target in your blog (add links to those categories)

Contact Us Page Creation

You blog should have a contact us page and it should have a form to fill basic information if someone want to contact you.

This form normally can be added through a plugin named “Contact Form7”.

You can install through admin panel and copy the form code from plugin setting tab, and paste into Contact Us page, this code will show the form to user to fill it.

When someone fill that contact form, you will receive and email about that form submission on your primary email which you have been used when installing the WordPress into your blog. You can change that primary email later.

You can also share your email address and phone number but not compulsory. So,

  • A contact form for inquiry
  • Use Contact Form7 plugin (if needed)
  • Email Address and phone number (optional)

DMCA & Disclaimer Page Creation

These both pages can add little more trust to Google if you have them. DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) page shows that your content is original and you are under DMCA protection that deters thieves from stealing your content.

On Disclaimer Page, you add a blog disclaimer which is a statement that warns users to act on your content at their own risk, or alerts readers to important information, such as your relationship with affiliates.

Now the question is, how to add data into these pages, what information you should need to put into.

You can use ChatGPT to generate these pages as well.


I am here to help you with any time.

You need a plugin name “WP-FreshStart” which is a paid plugin, but i am going to share with you this plugin free of cost.

Click Here to Download

You need to install this plugin (don’t update after installation) and go-to WP-FreshStart plugin tab and select these both pages and press start.

This plugin will create both pages with pre-written content in it related to the topics and automatically added your primary email and website address where it need to be.


Press “Delete” and go to deleted tab and press “Permanently Delete” any Page you may already created with the name of DMCA or Disclaimer and:

  • Install Wp-FreshStart Plugin
  • Don’t update plugin after installation
  • Go to setting page
  • Select required pages
  • Press run button
  • Delete the plugin after use (no need anymore now)

Privacy Policy Page Creation

Every blog has it’s own privacy policy, but most of the blogs are using the same privacy policy, you can use the same policy.

This page is important to have on your blog to show Google that your blog have a Privacy Policy, which indicate the trust to users.

You can create this page by using Wp-Fresh Start Plugin and the process is already shared above. or Use ChatGPT to generate it.

Use unique Content & Images

This is a crucial part of the blog, where we need to put all our efforts to get Approved the Adsense. If your blog has a bogus content, AI content or plagiarized content, you cannot get Adsense approval at any cost.

In market, you can find freelancer who can write Adsense blog approval Content, but this content will only usable for Adsense approval, not for your blog users.

My suggestion is; use a good content writer who can write the content on your niche after proper research and already have experience in the field.

If some part of your content is plagiarized, you even cannot get Adsense approval, so you need to be conscious about your content that need to be fresh and original and well written. Your content should also be well interlink to relevant articles, categories and pages. (You can use Silo Structure but not necessary for Adsense approval)

When you post an article you also need feature image for each blog article. Sometime you also need images within the article. So you have to use your own custom made images into your blog.

  • You can hire someone for this task.
  • You can learn this small skill (How to use Canva?)
  • You can use Adobe PhotoShop.
  • You can use Paint / Canva.

Summary is:

  • Use Niche related Content Writer
  • Use Fresh & Original Content
  • Don’t use Plagiarized Content
  • Don’t use Spin content
  • Don’t use bogus content (Expired Content)
  • Use Custom Images
  • Don’t use copyright images
  • Don’t use thin Content (less than 300 words are thin content)

Avoid Adult and Copyright Content

Google strictly instruct to avoid adult and copyright content onto your blog. Don’t use content from your competitors. Learn more about copyright content directly here

6 Month Domain Age

According to my personal finding, your domain age should be 6 month old before applying for Google Adsense. But in some case, less than 6 month old domains are also getting Approved Google Adsense.

Avoid Adsense Alternatives

Your blog should not already using any other Ads Publishing platform when you apply for Google Adsense.

There are many other Ads publishing companies are working around, you should avoid them if you want to get approved by Google Adsense.

Note:- If you still want to use other Ads, disable them temporary.

How long does it take for adsense to approve?

You will be unable to see any ads until the final adsense approval process complete. This process may take upto two week to be completed. You don’t need to remove the code from header if it is getting late to approve.

Normally it take 24 to 48 hours for adsense specialist to review the website and approve it. Once the ads get approve, you will get an email for the approval notification. But still it take few hours to show any ads on your website, so keep patience.

Summary of the Topic

Getting approved for Adsense is easy when you follow the rules declared by Google. These above SOP points are based on my life experience and I have dozen of time got this approval for my own blogs and also for clients.

A little recap; Your blog should be complete in all aspects, there should not be anything that shows your blog is under-construction. Use logo, add menu (remove extra), add footer menu or menu in sidebar for resource pages. Create resource pages which are important like, about, contact, privacy, disclaimer, DMCA. Use original content, use custom images, well interlink content, use simple and user friendly theme, don’t add fancy items to theme, remove empty pages/posts/categories/tags, avoid other companies ads on your blog, avoid adult content.

This is all you need to get it done.

You can also share any point here in comment if you know that can be helpful for others.

Muhammad Nizam Ud Deen Usman

NizamUdDeen is a SEO Observer & digital marketing consultant with close to a decade of experience. He is currently living in Multan, Pakistan. He is the founder and SEO Lead Consultant at ORM Digital Solutions - An exclusive SEO consultancy providing company in advanced SEO and digital strategies.


  1. Thanks sir, your method work. I was apply that method last week, now i got approved many time rejected domain.

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