How To Send A Custom Offer On Fiverr?

If you’re a freelancer on Fiverr, you may have noticed that some buyers send you custom offers instead of using the standard gig packages.

What Is A Custom Offer?

A custom offer is when a buyer contacts you directly to negotiate a specific price and scope of work for a project. This can be a great way to get higher-paying projects, but it can also be a bit daunting if you’re not sure how to handle the negotiation.

In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about custom offers on Fiverr, including how to send them and how to negotiate the best possible price.

When Should You Send A Custom Offer?

There are a few different situations when you might want to send a custom offer:

  • The buyer has contacted you directly and asked for a custom offer.
  • The buyer has created a custom gig request that you think you can complete.

You think the buyer would be interested in a different or additional service that you offer.

You want to negotiate a higher price for your services.

Keep in mind that you should only send a custom offer if you’re confident that you can complete the project and deliver quality work. If you’re not sure, it’s better to pass on the project or ask the buyer for more information before making a commitment.

How To Send A Custom Offer?

If you’ve decided to send a custom offer, the first step is to contact the buyer directly. You can do this by sending a message through the Fiverr messaging system or by responding to a gig request.

When you contact the buyer, be sure to introduce yourself and explain why you’re contacting them. For example, you might say something like:

“Hi, my name is _____ and I’m a _____ on Fiverr. I saw your gig request for _____ and I think I can help you out. I wanted to send you a custom offer for my services.”

Once you’ve introduced yourself, it’s time to make your offer. Be sure to be clear and concise about what you’re offering, as well as your price. For example:

“I’m offering to _____ for _____. My price is _____.”

If the buyer is interested in your offer, they’ll reach out to you to discuss the project further. If not, you can always try reaching out again or sending a different offer.

How To Negotiate The Best Price?

Once you’ve made your initial offer, it’s time to negotiate the price. If the buyer is interested in your services, they’ll likely want to negotiate the price down to something more affordable. Here are a few tips for negotiating the best possible price:

Be firm about your price. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground and stick to your initial offer. Remember, you’re the one providing the service and you deserve to be paid what you’re worth.

Don’t be afraid to walk away. If the buyer isn’t willing to pay your price, don’t be afraid to walk away from the deal. There are plenty of other buyers out there who will be willing to pay what you’re worth.

Be flexible with your offer. If the buyer is interested but not willing to pay your full price, try to be flexible with your offer. You might offer a discount or throw in an extra service for free.

Keep in mind that the goal of negotiation is to reach an agreement that is fair for both parties. If you can find a price that works for both of you, then you’re more likely to have a successful project.

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