What is RBN?

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What is RBN?

RBN stand for Real Blog Network. This term is being used for the first time. The safest and organic way to build cluster of blogs in a topical niche with all accessories which are compulsory for a blog. Blogging Network should be real to get better output and long term benefits without any fear of loss and hit by Google algorithm if in future.

After the development of SEO day by day, the ranking is challenging. Contrary to some claims, I pledge that investing in RBN is profitable and safe.

RBN advantages and features are explained below:-

15 reasons you should invest in RBN

  1. Competitive niche 100% relevance
  2. It contains SEO optimized keywords, plagiarised free unique content.
  3. It includes well research topics.
  4. Custom article feature images.
  5. Well written bio and the picture of the author.
  6. Very detailed and optimized about us page.
  7. Optimized contact us page.
  8. Specially 24/7 support backup.
  9. It could be multiple industry blogs.
  10. Beautiful well-designed website interface along-with custom logo, which looks professional.
  11. Trust flow high by relevancy.
  12. The domain name used PMD.
  13. Neat and clean backlinks profile.
  14. Increase in organic traffic by the time.
  15. All Social Accounts linked which increase trust in Google eye.
  16. and more

RBN simple concept in SEO?

It’s a basic concept: you’re writing a blog post to fulfill the criteria of a specific blogger, and you get a backlink, typically at the bottom of this article, called the Author Box.

Bloggers are searching for high-quality content published on real blogs, which they can take advantage of to attract new followers and share with the public. Guest blogging on RBN is a winner for all domain owners who want the search engines to score better and bloggers who want to attract more people to their website. This solution helps visitors to access the site.

You can get real backlinks from real websites with all this effort and never need to think about being penalized again.

What is PBN?

A series of websites that are only available to link a single website is a private blog network (PBN). PBNs usually provide little to no long-term value to the websites they are linking to.

What are Private Blog Networks for SEO?

A private blog network (PBN) uses web pages to connect and control a specific website’s authority. The links created by this singular, moving trade enhance the web site’s authority and enhance the site’s rankings until Google spotted them and penalized them for un-ethical strategies.

How Private Blog Networks Work?

Knowing how PBN works begins with a basic understanding of the value of outbound links and authority. A backlink to your website is simply a link from another site.

When the website gives fundamental or trustworthy material, another site basically “quotes” the site through a connexion – the backlinks are organically built.

This link demonstrates to search engines that your site is a subject authority that positively affects your website’s ability to search this subject—the more links, the stronger the power signal as a vote.

PBNs work by acquiring and establishing their authority to collect expired domain names or buy and register different domains at once.

The fields are then used to post basic material, which contains links back to the Primary/Money website, once this network is created.

Why people use networks of personal blogs?

Backlinks influence Google rankings, and it sometimes takes a very long time to create organic backlinks. Building ethical and high-quality links – true, white-hat links – will not just grow decent, but great material, and generally create a good deal. Time, strategy, and job take this.

The PBN primary objective is to provide an individual or audience with value and then send a power signal to a search engine bot.

PBN Pros And Cons

There are the following inconveniences in constructing the site network with a range of closely related topics:

It calls for a substantial financial expense. Domain names and content should be bought. If your keywords are used to the TOP, you must have a comprehensive niche strategy and trust to reverse the expensive costs.

let’s presume that you want to hit a reasonably competitive 30-site donor niche:

30 domains * $12 = $360.

Each blog requires at least 10 entries.

30 sites * 10 posts = 300 posts.

The average cost for PBN posts for one medium-quality post is $6. Thus, the content is $1500.

Overall, $1860+.

So you cannot afford and go for it. That’s why a PBN doesn’t have a unique piece of content with a fully develop and design blog.

The creation and promotion of websites in a network take time.

If sites were generated incorrectly within the network and did not have proper links, Google could prohibit the entire network.

The benefits of RBN include:

  • Backlinks on thematic sites’ homepages include the best results for search results from TOP places in Google.
  • For other initiatives on similar subjects, Backlinks from such networks may also be used.
  • RBN may be monetized. You can sell the network or sell backlinks that will come from it if you no longer need the network.
  • This approach provides a significant advantage over its rivals at the promoted platform.
  • The backlinks are fully handled. When the promoted project finishes, the backlinks to a new project may be re-used.

What is Guest post services?

The activity to write a post to another person’s blog is guest blogging – often known by its name as guest posting.

Links are Google’s key classification component. In SEO, guest blogging provides a great opportunity to secure a connection from a different website and other marketing aspects.

Guest blogging creates a bond with your post’s blogger, allows them to collect additional knowledge in their community, and develops an audience’s authority.

Muhammad Nizam Ud Deen Usman

NizamUdDeen is a SEO Observer & digital marketing consultant with close to a decade of experience. He is currently living in Multan, Pakistan. He is the founder and SEO Lead Consultant at ORM Digital Solutions - An exclusive SEO consultancy providing company in advanced SEO and digital strategies.

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  1. It’s too easy to understand the difference b/w Rbn and Pbn.
    I heard from many peoples that pbn is very good for seo. But I’m agreed with your article that rbn is most authentic and reliable as compare pbn.

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