What is Karachi SEO Strategy?

Karachi SEO Strategy is just a term to remember the way to optimize, structure, and promote any eCommerce website organically in Google. This strategy is based on a reverse silo structure and content assets.

Let me explain it,

When you are working on SEO for any eCommerce website to rank the keyword related to your products and collections, you need a solid strategy to standout prominent in SERP.

I have practically learned this strategy by experimenting various actions on several eCommerce projects.

Although this is not a quick steps technique, it needs a huge effort to generate results. To establish the web site’s basic structure and arrange content like images, videos, descriptions, articles, and many more.

This strategy includes two aspects like Onsite+Technical SEO based and Off-Site SEO.

On-Site SEO Structure

The hierarchy of a e-Commerce website is very important to understand. By following the eCommerce website structure, we will interlink every resource of the website.

Homepage: The homepage mostly has the latest products list, list of categories/collections, and sometimes it is being added with content.

Categories/Collections: The Category page has a list of products, but we need to add a category description to explain what type of products are we covering in it.

Products: The product page should have a description to explain the features, quantity, and pricing with related images. You can also include a short video of that product too.

Resource Pages: The resource pages may include, about, contact, privacy, terms, delivery, return policy, payment method, online tracking, shipping, and a blog. These pages contains a huge weightage for user trust which definitely impact on ranking as well.

Blog: The blog is the most essential resource for the eCommerce website. It explains the basic information and guides for all products that you are going to sell. The category where you are going to explore products, and the user guide that describe the usage of products. Even the information related to your products as FAQ base where your product is fulfilling the requirements of a user.

Interlinking Method Start Reversely

Each blog article should be linked to the product and related product-category that you are going to explain or sharing the information.

Here the magic start for Karachi SEO Strategy!

You need to create a Content Asset that attracts backlink naturally.

Let me explain the Content Asset first.

The Content Asset is a resource where you explain a group of information based on micro topics with content; the content must include almost every possible element to explain the topic widely. The content article length should be more than 3000 words. (Not in all cases)

Example: Kids Clothes, Women Clothes, Men Clothes.

Here you need three linkable assets for each macro topic.


  • kid’s clothes need to cover in the article
  • the verity of cloths that can be used in different seasons
  • the types of clothes; and the same for other macro topics

First Step: The Linkable Asset/Content Asset should link to all related articles on the website, all related products, and related single category, as explained in the below infographic.

Second Step: Other single topic articles will individually be linked to the targeted product and related category and homepage, as explained in the below infographic.

Third Step: Inside the Categories pages description area, you can link to the relevant articles on the blog or resource page.

Fourth Step: The homepage already has products and categories. So, if you can put content at the homepage, then you can interlink to the related products, categories, articles, or resource page as necessary.

Off-Page SEO Structure

If you are not newbie, everyone knows that Backlinks are considered as a vote.

If you can build a niche relevant backlinks profile, it will increase the trust in Google’s eye, and definitely, you have relevant votes to your website.

So you have chances to get ranked higher in Google SERP by getting votes for your website.

There are three primary problems when we talk about off-page SEO practice.

  • What kind of backlinks we need; to rank an eCommerce website, and how much?
  • Which pages do we need to target when creating backlinks?
  • The most critical question is how to create backlinks for your website?

In this Karachi SEO Strategy, I am explaining which page needs to target for backlink and what kind of backlinks will it require.

Karachi Strategy
Karachi Strategy Infographic

What will be the anchor text strategy for a linkable asset?

You need to use the exact keyword anchor text when building guest posts backlink.  Because these types of backlinks are costly in terms of money and time investment efforts.

For other kinds of backlinks like comment backlinks, web 2.0, forums backlinks you need to use LSI anchor text.

Karachi SEO Strategy for Backlinks

First of all, we need niche relevant Guest Posts‘ backlinks to Linkable assets to transfer the link juice and authority safely toward the products and category pages.

The link juice can also be passed toward related blog articles to rank them on long-tail keywords.

You can acquire resource backlinks, niche relevant nofollow comment backlinks, web 2.0, and high value and clean forums backlinks to boost the authority of linkable assets.

The next step will be branding SEO.

To get protected and make a brand, you need to get backlinks at the homepage as a branding anchor text.

For this purpose, you need to create business directories backlinks, profiles, forums, and web 2.0 backlinks.

What will be the anchor text strategy for branding SEO?

The right Anchor Text to use and safe anchor text percentages that work:-

  • 70% = Branded Anchors (at homepage)
  • 20% = Naked Link Anchors (at homepage)
  • 5% = Generic Anchors (at homepage)
  • < 5% = Partial Match Anchors (at linkable asset)
  • < 1% = Exact Match Anchors (at products and articles by guest posts)

“Do you want to know the secret to a “natural” anchor profile? The key is to be random and to avoid patterns”. Advised by Nathan Gotch.

Note: Some eCommerce websites don’t have a physical address, so it will be omitted to build business directory backlinks.

If you are targeting medium or high difficulty keywords through your blog article, you need to build a weekly basis guest post by outreach.

Ending Words:

I am sharing my personal experience here about eCommerce website SEO. This method works for me, this is what I have learned so for. I named this technique to get easier to remember the strategy by the name Karachi SEO Strategy. I will continuously update the article and will add more value here with the passage of time.

(Last update on 14 March 2024)

If you like the article and agree with my strategy, you can drop a line in the comment and share this piece of information with fellows.

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NizamUdDeen is a SEO Observer & digital marketing consultant with close to a decade of experience. He is currently living in Multan, Pakistan. He is the founder and SEO Lead Consultant at ORM Digital Solutions - An exclusive SEO consultancy providing company in advanced SEO and digital strategies.

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