What is Lahore SEO Strategy?

Lahore SEO Strategy is representing business website optimization; this term will also collaborate in local SEO optimization. This SEO Strategy is also based on a reverse silo structure.

Let me explain it,

No matter your website is targeting Local market or Nation-wide or international, this strategy will help you out to rank your website fast and safest way.

I am working on this SEO Strategy for my website, as well as my clients to rank transactional keywords, and the success rate is impressive.

Business websites are all those who are offering services in any kind, non-eCommerce products, and online consultancy in any field. This type of website needs many protocols to get trust in Google for higher rankings. It starts with Google My Business, and directories submission to show online presence as a business inside your targeted country and if the city.

Like other strategies, this also includes two phases, like on-site SEO, which is based on website structure, and Off-Site SEO guidelines.

On-Site SEO Structure Guideline for Business Website

A landing page is a fundamental part of a business website. This page shows a summary of what kind of services you are offering or any product and if any consultancy it includes. Well, there could be many ways to describe a business website.

Let me summarise it,

Homepage: The landing page with a summary of services will be linked to each service page individually. It can have a list of recent articles.

Service page: Offline product or service page will target transactional keywords when offering service or offline products.

Resource Pages: These resource pages may include, about, history, portfolio, projects, contact, privacy, terms, and discloser.

Articles: Articles are the helping resource to service pages on the business website. These will cover the relevant topics of your given services and interlink with service pages.

In this Lahore SEO Strategy, I am explaining which type of pages/posts needs to target for acquiring backlink and what kind of backlinks it will require to rank it.

What is Lahore SEO Strategy

Where to acquire backlinks?

According to the above infographic, You need to create a “Content Asset” that attracts backlinks naturally. You will also need to acquire backlinks to this content asset and other pages/post of the website as mentioned above but,

Let me explain the Content Asset first.

“The Content Asset is a resource where you explain a group of information based on micro topics with content; the content must include almost every possible element to explain the topic widely. The content article length should be more than 3000 words.”

You need a content asset for each core service you are offering, where you explain all subtopics as a summary.

First Step: The Linkable Asset/Content Asset should interlink to relevant service (you can also link relevant informational articles as well) with exact match anchor text.

Second Step: Other single topic informational articles will individually be linked to the targeted services and even to a linkable asset; this will be called cross interlinking. Also, to the homepage, if you are also targeting some keywords to rank on it, as explained in the above infographic.

Third Step: Service pages need to be interlinked to relevant informational articles, and even linkable assets wisely as many times as possible.

Fourth Step: If you are targeting to rank keywords from the homepage as your competitors are doing, you also need to interlink resources pages and relevant articles from homepage content.

Off-Page SEO Structure Guideline for Business Website

Backlinks are crucial to rank higher and make the authority of a website.

Lahore SEO Strategy for Backlinks

First of all, you need to acquire niche relevant Guest Posts‘ backlinks to Linkable assets. This will transfer the link juice and authority safely toward the services and homepage. The link juice can also be passed toward related blog articles to rank them on long-tail relevant keywords.

You can acquire resource backlinks, niche relevant nofollow comment backlinks, web 2.0, and high value and clean forums backlinks to boost the authority of linkable assets.

The next step will be branding SEO.

To get protected and make a brand, you need to get backlinks at the homepage as a branding anchor text.

For this purpose, you need to create profiles, forums, and web 2.0 backlinks as other SEO Strategies applies.

What will be the anchor text strategy for branding SEO?

Anchor text strategy will be the same as the Karachi SEO Strategy and Islamabad SEO Strategy.

Ending Words:

I am sharing my personal experience here about Business Website SEO. To rank a business website using this method works for me; this is what I have learned so for. I named this technique to get easier to remember the strategy by the name Lahore SEO Strategy. I will continuously update the article and will add more value here with the passage of time.

(Last update on 14 March 2024)

If you like the article and agree with my strategy, you can drop a line in the comment. And share this SEO Strategy with fellows.

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Muhammad Nizam Ud Deen Usman

NizamUdDeen is a SEO Observer & digital marketing consultant with close to a decade of experience. He is currently living in Multan, Pakistan. He is the founder and SEO Lead Consultant at ORM Digital Solutions - An exclusive SEO consultancy providing company in advanced SEO and digital strategies.

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  1. In SEO, your target is your keyword phrase (aka anchor texts). This is where keyword research comes in.

    You need to decide what keyword phrase you want to optimize for every web page that you wish to rank in the search engine.

    Every web page, including the homepage, should be optimized for one (or at most three) keyword phrase. Be focused.

    If you want to target more keyword phrases, you should add more web pages to your website, instead of trying to make one web page optimized for different keyword

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